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Morsi on the cover of Time magazine

Is it the feeling of inferiority or a deep urge to show off that makes Arab politicians use English language when interviewed by foreign media? Rarely do we see a German or French politician doing so. As to  US or UK officials giving interviews in Arabic – forget about it. What to say then about a PM or president…

Nobody knows why president Morsi chose to use English to answer the questions of Time magazine. But Morsi messed things up mixing apes and judges in his incomprehensible speech: (more…)


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The surprising visit of March 14 members of parliament to Gaza this Tuesday seemed more shocking than any other event. It raised many a question about the changes taking place in the policies of this coalition, with the main question being: what is still left of March 14 with such duality of standards and loss of clear vision?

March 14 delegation with Hamas PM I.Haniyeh


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Palestinians celebrate Hamas’s victory

After the dust of war started clearing and noise of rockets calmed, three of the four parties involved in Gaza war- and truce-making left satisfied while only one bears the loads of defeat… Hamas claims victory, Israel claims the campaign achieved its target; Morsi’s Egypt is more than happy with its new role on the Middle East political stage, while Palestine the people, land and dream of an independent state fades in the light of current events. (more…)

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Tomorrow no patients will be admitted to Rafik Hariri University Hospital (Beirut Governmental University Hospital). The Hospital’s Family is on strike. The medical staff and employees refuse to mask the sloppiness of Lebanese Ministry of Health and the hospital’s administration that may lead to fatal consequences if no action is taken to reform the already shaking hospital.

When you listen to what is known only to employees of RHUH you get the feeling that the largest Lebanese public hospital; the one founded with 544 beds to serve patients from Lebanon and abroad in its highly qualified clinics and annexed hotel; is walking with heavy steps to agony. (more…)

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In a previous post (The Eclipse of Reason and Growing Religious Intolerance / October 29) I highlighted the growing influence of religious extremists on Facebook after the social network administration banned a decent picture of Dana Bakdounes, posted on the page of The Uprising of Women in the Arab World that was reported to be “insulting” by some religious extremists. Once the Facebook administration responded to the report it was clear that religious extremists,  reactionists and anti-feminists found the point of maximum vulnerability and targeted it to suppress the Facebook based movement. (more…)

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You cannot pass by the title “Joseph Anton”  between regular newly issued books in a Beirut bookstore without noticing it. Joseph – from Conrad, Anton – from Chekhov, is the name the British novelist Salman Rushdie used for himself during his years of hiding and has chosen as a title of his recently published memoir. While the book is now available in Beirut, its author is still banned in relation to his highly controversial novel The Satanic Verses.

Rushdie's memior in a Beirut Bookshop

Salman Rushdie’s “Joseph Anton- a memoir” in a Beirut Bookshop

On February 14, 1989, Salman Rushdie received a phone call from a BBC reporter informing him he was the subject of a death fatwa issued by Iran’s leader Ayatollah Khomeini. (more…)

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