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Resorting to the street will not solve the crisis” – F. Siniora, 2006

The ceremony that started as a farewell to Gen. Wissam al-Hassan on Sunday morning ended with an unorganized riot, a trial to storm Government Palace (Serail) and street violence. By the time this blog post is being written several parts of Beirut were already closed and a mini street war was already taking place.

The dramatic change took place
after journalist Nadim Koteich asked the masses gathering in DT Beirut to move towards Serail and force Mikati to resign.



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By yesterday evening many aspects of Sassine explosion were already clear, while the overall situation in Lebanon seemed dimmer. It was clear that there wasn’t any small explosion followed by a bigger one à la Iraqi mode. The magnitude of destruction was more comparable to that caused by St. George explosion that killed Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in February 2005. No ordinary political figure was targeted… It was ISF Information Branch chief Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hasan the one and only target.

Car burning at the explosion site – reuters.

Soon after the explosion took place, and before any news about al-Hassan occurred March 8 politicians accused Israel while March 14 figures said it is Syrian regime exporting terror to Lebanon. (more…)

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