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It happened that the issue of usage of classic Arabic language or at least Arabic letters in mobile messages and popular social media sites has been a hot subject of discussion between many people who I met the last two weeks. I know the issue is not new but in my modest opinion it will remain a hot issue in this period of time for several reasons: 1. The increasing number of Arab youth ignorant of the basic Arabic grammar. 2. The technical simplicity of using one type of font (Latin letters in our case) on keyboards and mobile devices for some objective reasons we will discuss later. 3. The natural historical stage of decline of old lingual forms * and inevitability of change in structure and forms – a stage in which Arabic language has entered long ago though totally denied by proponents of classic Arabic language divinity. 4. The political and cultural regression of Arabs and their position as consumers rather than producers of the cultural product. 5. Failure to acknowledge the above factors and deal with their results.



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Morsi on the cover of Time magazine

Is it the feeling of inferiority or a deep urge to show off that makes Arab politicians use English language when interviewed by foreign media? Rarely do we see a German or French politician doing so. As to  US or UK officials giving interviews in Arabic – forget about it. What to say then about a PM or president…

Nobody knows why president Morsi chose to use English to answer the questions of Time magazine. But Morsi messed things up mixing apes and judges in his incomprehensible speech: (more…)

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