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[اضغط هنا للقراءة بالعربية] The chronic marginalization of human body in general, and the female body in particular, and the concept of shame superimposed on free body expression are eventually turning these bodies to a sharp weapon of protest. The more the body is conceptualized as “shameful” in public consciousness, the least effort it takes to make it an expression of protest. The struggle of women, whether in the setting of feminist groups or as a part of wide national movements is going in the direction of enabling the body to express, both as a mean of liberalization and a mean of protest. In a strict religious and patriarchal country  the mere presence of a fully covered female body in public can be an event, while this same body has to perform something more expressive to draw attention in a more liberal society.



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Last month a poster appeared on several newspapers and advertisement panels showing the pictures of some religious figures (heads of Lebanese religious groups) with a slogan that reads: “We believe… Partners to end violence against women and girls”.  “We believe” campaign is an initiative of the NGO Abaad, which is trying to use the authority of sect clerics to protect women in a highly sectarian society.


At first glance it would seem noble of the heads of religious sects to endorse such a message. But a deeper look would unmask (more…)

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