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When the west started backing Islamic resistance against the Soviets in Afghanistan nobody knew that it is helping roll the clock centuries back to reestablish a medieval-like societies and mentalities in different parts of the world. Since then, the influence of extremists in Islamic states and even in the west itself has grown much bigger. The long bearded genie, in short worn-out thobe, with an exploding belt on his waist is set free. Jihadists and Salafis around the world turned their back to “foreign enemies” and started the battle to subdue their own nations.

Some events that took place last month are worth notice:

In Pakistan, Taliban shot the 14 year old activist Malala Yousafzai in head and nearly killed her on the background of her supporting the right of girls in education. Taliban has banned girls from attending school. Malala received treatment in UK and is back home despite the continuous threat. “If Malala survives, we will target her again,” says Taliban.



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