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Decapitating the statues of two prominent Arab thinkers Taha Hussein and Abul Alaa Al-Maarri in Egypt and Syria is an alarming sign in both cultural and political meanings.

Abul Alaa

Hussien and Maari share a lot of common features: both were physically blind, both were skeptics and both were anti-mainstream; both (each in a different age) lead the critique of religious thought to high peaks of rationality , for which they were considered by some religious authorities to be infidel. (more…)


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The news of mass demonstrations in al-Anbar, Nineveh and other regions of Iraq has been a headline since more than a week. It all started after PM al-Maliki ordered to arrest bodyguards of the Sunni finance minister; a step considered to be another offence against Sunnis by the Shiite dominated government of Baghdad. Since then thousands of people are rallying under slogans of Iraqi Spring calling to bring down the regime of Nouri al-Maliki.

Old Iraqi flag in al-Anbar demonstrations. (Reuters)

In sharp contrast to Arab Spring events which did not carry any religious color, the political movement in Anbar is pure Sunni. (more…)

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