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Bidzina Ivanishvilli the Gazprom billionaire and the leader of Georgia’s new majority.

10 years after the “Rose revolution” Georgia’s parliamentary elections came to set an end to president Saakashvili’s pro- western policies. 2 years after the Georgian- Russian war, the Russian backed tycoon Ivanishvili lead the newly formed “Georgian Dream” coalition to win elections on October 1st. While most of western governments welcomed the first democratic transfer of power in Tbilisi, it is clear that NATO, EU and US are alarmed by Ivanishivilli’s Russian background. With his $6.5 billion made in Russia as the largest single shareholder in Gazprom, Georgean Dream leader sets improving ties with Russia as one of his priorities.

US allied Saakashvili with George W. Bush

During George W. Bush era, the west managed to surround Russia with colored revolutions: rose, orange and purple. It seemed for a while that post soviet republics are starting to escape the grip of Russian influence. US and NATO military bases were crawling nearer to Russia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia).   (more…)


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