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My friend Hasan Karajah, the Palestinian activist in Stop the Wall Grassroots Organization was  arrested by Israeli forces on January 23rd, 2013, with no charge. IOF solders broke the door of Hasan’s house in Safa near Ramallah at 2:30 am, arrested Hasan and since then he is detained and tortured in the Israeli jail. Hasan is denied the right to meet a  lawyer and he has already lost 12 kgs within less than a month. Hassan suffers health problems and requires treatment and continuous medical supervision. On the night of his arrest, the IOF refused to allow him to take his medicine.

This homemade song is a small effort to support Hasan and his family. It is based on  a quote from Hasan’s words “revolution is the true meaning of love”. You can follow @Freedom4Hassan to support Hasan and all those who are  incarcerated without trial or charge.



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The surprising visit of March 14 members of parliament to Gaza this Tuesday seemed more shocking than any other event. It raised many a question about the changes taking place in the policies of this coalition, with the main question being: what is still left of March 14 with such duality of standards and loss of clear vision?

March 14 delegation with Hamas PM I.Haniyeh


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Palestinians celebrate Hamas’s victory

After the dust of war started clearing and noise of rockets calmed, three of the four parties involved in Gaza war- and truce-making left satisfied while only one bears the loads of defeat… Hamas claims victory, Israel claims the campaign achieved its target; Morsi’s Egypt is more than happy with its new role on the Middle East political stage, while Palestine the people, land and dream of an independent state fades in the light of current events. (more…)

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